Guide for Healing Trainers

This guideline is intended to clarify what the Association requires of probationer members and their trainers before and during interviews for full healer membership.

If healers wish to train probationers they must have been a full healer member of this Association or another acceptable healing organisation for at least one year.

Healing is a balancing of mind, body and spirit. Your role as a trainer is to develop the healing potential of the probationer within the context of the code of conduct. The probationer must be thoroughly familiar with the code of conduct and must understand that the healer is responsible for his or her actions at all times. You must ensure their healing procedure meets the requirements of the code of conduct and does not include any action which may bring discredit on themselves and the Association.

We realise that healing can be given in many ways. We recommend that trainers of probationers read the list in the training guide in the portfolio.

For more please read the FULL ‘Guide for Healing Trainers’.